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Passion – President’s Letter


President’s Letter, WHALER Magazine

huwbowermagI’m willing to bet your boating is not a passive activity. A life built around the water doesn’t happen by accident; it’s something you make happen, because it matters deeply that your days include it.

Fishing, cruising with friends, pulling your kids on a tube-these activities are far from casual, despite being things we do with our “leisure” time.  They’re activities we do with our full attention, our whole heart and mind. They’re passions, and there’s nothing casual about that.

At Boston Whaler, we build every boat around the concept of Core Confidence- performance, safety, comfort, reliability, function and fun, instilled from the inside out, designed into every fiber, every component. In the pages of this issue, you’ll read about some of the choices we make to ensure that every outing on a Whaler goes smoothly. And you’ll meet some of the many owners who use this Core Confidence to engage every ounce of their passion for boating.

This issue is bittersweet, as it will be my last as president of Boston Whaler. I’ll be moving to a new position with our parent company, Brunswick, and while it’s a tremendous opportunity, I will forever be grateful for my time at Whaler.

This is a company of outstanding individuals, working together as true teammates to produce the best boats on the water – boats enjoyed by customers who are, likewise, a truly remarkable group. Thank you, sincerely, for making this role something to feel passionate about.

Huw Bower

President – Boston Whaler