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Lobster Roll

So, everyone knows when you visit New England (Maine, New Hampshire etc.) that at some point during your visit you have to have a Maine Lobster Roll. Now, there are 2 different kinds of Lobster Rolls. The Hot Buttery Lobster Roll and the Cold Lobster Salad Roll. What we have found is the Hot Buttery Lobster Roll is harder to find than the Cold Lobster Roll. Soooo, we made our own Hot Buttery Rich Lobster Roll at home.

Here’s what we did:


  • Cooked Maine Lobster picked from the shell
  • Butter
  • Lemon
  • Hot Dog Buns

Over low heat melt butter with a squeeze of lemon in sauté pan. Once melted, add in the lobster meat. Sauté until coated with butter and heated through. Don’t heat to long, as the lobster could become dry. Next, butter your buns on both sides and set into a separate pan and brown both sides. You want them a nice golden brown. When lobster and buns are ready. Fill your buns with the hot rich buttery lobster. We served ours lobster rolls with a fresh ear of corn on the cobb and a lemon wedge.

And I must say for the Maine Lobster Lover, this Lobster Roll hit the spot!