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Ice Fishing in New Hampshire

Some of us don't want to be thinking about the snowy cold winter months, while others look forward to the change of seasons. There are a whole bunch of you out there that can't wait to go Ice Fishing. So with that being said here are some tips to keep you safe out on the ice.ice_fishing

  •  Always fish with a buddy.
  • Test the ice.
  • Beware! Wind and currents break ice.
  • Don't gather in large groups.
  • Don't build a fire on the ice.
  • Bring Blankets and a first-aid kit.
  • Reach for solid ice, kick and roll to safety, if you fall in.
  • Don't drive large vehicles onto the ice.
For more tips on SAFETY ON ICE click on this printable brochure!  Or following this link to more Ice Fishing information from NH Fish and Game.

Happy Fishing!!! Brrrrr!